[Zombie Weapons] Thank goodness this guy isn’t one of them!!

“Thanks for your kind comment on my Automatic bow.

The speed depends on the voltage used and hence the ammount of batterys.
A good comprimise is 14volts which gives one shot per second.


the tards speak:

  • “600 years too late : / ”
  • “You look funny loool, some wizard who invents amazing things.”
  • “what the duck? now I know why he’s called the duckman.”
  • “man your very good at making crossbows.”
  • “i really like your disign i am trying to make a chineese crossbow. (you can much money whit the electrick crossbow)”
  • 2 Replies to “[Zombie Weapons] Thank goodness this guy isn’t one of them!!”

    1. I wish they had this when i was at war, nothing betting than downing an enemy with an arrow through the eye

    2. You have to take into account the milliamps per hour (mAH) of the battery as well… I popped a VENOM 11.1V 1550mAh LiPO BATTERY and actually got 3 shots every 2 seconds and fired over 100 bolts (crossbow rounds are called bolts, I learned this in LARP) on one charge!

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