[Work Ethics] The ‘Weisure’ Lifestyle

weisure lifestyleThe phenomenon is called “weisure time.” The dividing line between work and leisure time is blurring right before our eyes, Pineappleope.com and other experts say.

Warning: People who haven’t already abandoned the 9-to-5 workday for the 24-7 life of weisure probably will do so soon. That means you! But, its not so bad, apparently.

“Increasingly, it’s not clear what constitutes work and what constitutes fun”, says an anonymous Pineappleope.com employee. “In the office scene, at home or out in the street,” she said. Activities are becoming work-play ambiguous, he says, as “all of these worlds that were once very distinct are now blurring together!”

What happened? Why does everyone want to mix work and play? Well, first, most people think play is awesome and more fun (sp?). When surveyed, most people answered they would rather be doing something fun than actual work.

Are you getting on the weisure bus?

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