Which is The Best Method to Induce Vomiting

The age old question ‘How can I make myself puke?’ has been researched by PAO staff for the past several months.

Here are the findings (names have been changed to conceal identities):

asian vomit

1) Sticking Finger down throat

Duke: i tried the stick your finger down your throat it didn’t work
Worthington: I bit my finger and didn’t end up puking or vomiting

2) Drink syrup of Ipecac

Duke: i actually enjoyed the taste, i didn’t puke
Worthington: I gagged a lot, chased it with ginger ale – I did not throw up

3) Watch the movie Hostel

Duke: blockbuster did not have this in stock
Worthington: It wasn’t a good movie, although violence like this usually turns me on, but the plot was awful

4) Smell the toilet

Duke: no, is this really a real vomiting method? i refuse
Worthington: Smells like 2000 flushes… needless to say, I did not vomit

5) Get Help

Duke: i could not find the help
Worthington: I asked several unreliable people to help, as you might expect, I did not vomit

puking milk and cheese6) Drink a glass of milk

Duke: i drank the milk… … still nothing
Worthington: I drank 2 glasses of milk and I gagged several times, but still no legitimate vomiting

7) Fist your mouth

Duke: my fist was too big. luckly my neighbor was near by and assisted – puked a cup and a half of puke
Worthington: At first I was hesitant to try this method because of the possibility of getting my hand stuck in my mouth, but I pushed on and the result was a full fledged vomit

There you have it folks – Fisting your mouth is the tried and true method to induce vomiting – Many thanks to the PAO research staff

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