[web.config translator] Translating .htaccess to web.config : Can it be done?

EVERYbody and their mother knows what an .htaccess file is. Nobody except Windows enthusiasts knows what web.config is. They do basically the same thing, the difference being the web.config file blows and isn’t as easy to work with. Follow our tutorial for beginners below:

We want to change: http://pineappleope.com/latest-news-suck-my-balls/ to http://pineappleope.com/suck-balls/

In .htaccess we know the redirect is the following:

redirect 301 /latest-news-suck-my-balls/ /suck-balls/

This SHOULD Equal the following in web.config:

OR DOES IT? Apparently, this will only work if you have a directory named ‘latest-news-suck-my-ball’ in the root directory.

Is there a better way? Only McChill knows… McChill, can you offer advice? Olivia Munn, can you add anything?

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