Vanessa Hudgens – naked time is the best time, isn’t it?

Recently, media moguls tipped off the world to new Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures. As the world becomes more mentally retarded daily, this clearly became a huge story. However.. the pics have been very hard to come by, unless you are this 11yr old asian kid.

[singlepic id=34 w=120 float=right]Today, PAO staffers earned a gold star, becoming one of the elite – at the level of this 11yr old kid – to have the new, improved VH photos. Of course they are so steamy that you can’t see them here – you have to go to page two for all that ass. Actually, there’s no ass, unless her ass is in her crotch. Yeah, you know what we mean.
Continue to the semi-exclusive nude vanessa hudgens gallery:

[nggallery id=5]

10 Replies to “Vanessa Hudgens – naked time is the best time, isn’t it?”

  1. wow, she sure knows how to shave, look at pic 11, nice little trim she’s got, must have had lots of practice, and i thought she was beautiful before, know, she’s my Aphrodite.

  2. Her boobs look so good to squeeze. i wanna get with her in bed! she has a fine body. she should take a picture without panties, too. I’d make out with her. i just wanna slap that butt and rub her chest against mine. i feel like doing it with her!!!

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