[twitter worm][breaking] 4ft worm attacking twitter!!

The world is in shock and awe as the beloved institution known as Twitter has come down with worms and viruses. Blogs, bloggers, microbloggers, and even real news sources are all twatted up over the big twit worm. Some estimate its as long as the 4ft space worm that is attacking aquariums internationally. Are the worms working together? It is not clear.. however PAO staff expert Frank Vondohboy says “the worms are independently assualting different aspects of human life. Whether they are together or apart, I am terrified of the possibilities”.

Blogs are exploding with information this morning as the worms are finally cleaned out of twitterville. They are blogging about other blogs and the blogs they blog on:

Techcrunch is reporting that a virus is rapidly spreading through Twitter:

its cool i'm chill, twitter worm
its cool i'm chill

“The service has apparently been infected by a worm originating from the owners of the website StalkDaily (Note: Do not visit this website, as it may cause your computer to become infected). At this point details are scant, but it appears that visiting the Twitter profile page of an infected user can lead your profile to become infected as well (some reports say that the worm modifies your ‘About Me’ section to include a link to the worm). Infected users begin to repeatedly spam tweets directing users to the StalkDaily website.”

While this attack happened this morning, “…it is only now hitting critical mass, with hundreds of related Tweets appearing on Twitter Search in the last few minutes alone.”

TechCrunch is recommending that if you want to continue using Twitter while this goes on use a third-party application (e.g. Twitterfox, Tweetdeck) instead of going directly to the Twitter site. You should read the article for the full details as I just wanted to get the warning out as soon as possible.

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  1. i planted that worm in twitter to turn it into more like yammer, i think over time yammer will be the go to for everything similar to google. i also built yammer, so its better than twitter. yammer has 1st 3rd 8th and 17th party applications which allow you to update your yammer status on your hand or via email.

    if there is one thing i like more than microblogging on yammer, its eating

  2. twitter will eventually die, because it sucks and as far as I’m concerned it’s dead already

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