[Top 10] Hottest Newscasters on Earth

The top 10 hottest newscasters on Earth (chosen by internet users)

10 – Laurence Ferrari
Laurence Ferrari is a smoldering blonde French journalist who is also the subject of a heated scandal throughout France and our first entry on our list of hot newscasters. For starters, during Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential run in 2007, Laurence Ferrari conducted a salacious interview with “Sarko.” At the time, both Ferrari and Sarkozy had recently separated from their respective spouses, and their interview took several flirtatious turns.

In any case, Sarkozy is now with Carla Bruni, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading that he helped Laurence Ferrari land France’s prime newscasting gig as the nighttime anchor for TF1 France. To make room for Ferrari, France’s immensely popular anchorman Patrick Poivre d’Arvor had to be fired. So watch out Melissa Theuriau, you now have competition for the title of hottest French newscaster.

9 – Katie Derham
After beginning her journalism career on the radio with the BBC, working on financial shows such as Moneybox and Moneycheck, Katie Derham has found a new home at ITV. As BBC’s public broadcasting competitor (or its farm team), ITV is grooming Katie Derham to be the face of the station. Or, come to think of it, maybe it’s her legs that are being groomed as the face of the station. If you’ve ever seen her in action, you’ll know that the double-slit skirt plays a central role in her wardrobe.

8 – Hayley McQueen
MUTV anchor Haley McQueen is so sexy she even makes us like Manchester United. Yeah, right, only joking. How could she possibly have come from the loins of vinegar-faced Gordon McQueen? How is that possible? Her mum must be really fit.

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7 – Leann Tweeden
OK, so Tweeden is more of a TV presenter, but she has reported for Fox Sports. She’s also posed in Playboy and is a former Hooters girl. So who cares?

6 – Betty Nguyen
Betty Nguyen anchors the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom in addition to CNN Saturday Morning and CNN Sunday Morning, and she does so with flawless features. While we’re not saying that Ms. Betty Nguyen has been doctored to achieve her beauty, have you seen her set of chicklets? Her teeth are as white, clean and straight as an Englishman who never sees the sun. She has a picture-perfect smile and that laid-back CNN broadcast style that allows her to seem like a fun-loving good ol’ girl.

5 – Kirsty Gallagher
The daughter of former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallagher may have left Sky Sports now, but she won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

4 – April Torres
Naked Newswoman – All news should be presented like this.

3 – Sharon Tay
Emmy award-winning journalist Tay still looks super hot at 41 years of age

2 – Jackie Guerrido
There are two very good reasons Jackie, a weather girl for Wake Up America, deserves to be in the top 10. Can you guess?

1 – Melissa Theuriau
Melissa Theuriau is the industry standard for newscaster beauty. She started the hot newscaster trend, and no one is really playing in the same league. She is a beautiful dirty blonde, but it’s her chic style, glossy lips and sensual displays of skin that have made Melissa Theuriau an international phenom the power of the internet is equally responsible, having helped her image tip into a zone of obsession that is beyond the pale. Whatever the cause, though, men around the world concur: Melissa Theuriau is sublime.

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