[Tips From Experts] Cutting Grass to the Optimal Height For Perfect Grass

Most People don’t know the secret to a perfect lawn, or grassy patch. Contrary to popular belief: it’s not about the water, its not about what you feed it… Its all about cutting it to the optimal height.

Pineappleope.com has been trimming all walks of grass since the start of time. Up until four months ago, the optimal grass cutting height had remained a mystery. Joel Dobbs of the Baywater PAO Technical Research Plant made his break through discovery after cutting a 1 mile stretch of common Bermuda grass.

Dobbs came to the conclusion that the optimal height for all grass is about 2 1/2 inches (.25 inches off from previous efforts).

“Why is 2 1/2 inches an optimal grass height? Well, what you’re striving for is a balance. On the one hand, mowing the grass is like “pinching” a garden plant to stimulate rugged growth. On the other, its not.” – Dobbs

Bottom line, if you’re letting your grass get too tall, and you’re not mowing very much… you’re passing up opportunities to make your lawn most attractive.

Next time your out mowing, Remember the Golden Rule: 2 1/2

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