[The opposite of LARP] Driver’s Education Reform

In Utah, they don’t put kids in little Geo Storms with extra brakes and silly signs calling them out as student drivers. This approach leads to over-cautious, under-aware boneheads on the road. No, in Utah, to get your license, you have to participate in a demolition derby until your car explodes or at least catches on fire. Any dolt can see, this form of education is far superior, as Utah drivers are now prepared for all eventualities. Furthermore, barring any permanent neck injuries, their head will be on a swivel when it comes time to make a lane change.

3 Replies to “[The opposite of LARP] Driver’s Education Reform”

  1. that bastard deserved to be on fire dude, he wasnt obeying the goddamn rules – we gots rules so you don’t GET put on fire! hate that clown.

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