The Definitive Star Wars Wedding [weddings] [larp] [mormon]

muffin_licker PAO employee Jezibel Schwartz recently got married! First we want to congratulate her, and second we want to exploit her creativity in having the most.. ________ wedding you’ve ever seen. Yeah, you fill in the blank! It was and forever will be, a Star Wars Wedding!

She is a Mormon, and a muffin licker – which has caused a huge stir on Twitter. To be honest, PAO does not take a stand on either team regarding muffin licking – we like the idea, would like to see more, but we won’t get political here. The Mormon thing came out as a calendar image in an infamous “mormon milf” calendar that hit the Utah news like a TREX in KFC.

stormtrooper-corset1Back to the story, though – the star wars wedding came jam packed with light sabers (sorry, no lesbian battles this time), storm troopers, battles, and special FX. Check out the gallery on the next page!

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