[the best things] Working late on a Saturday. Whats the best thing?

Sometimes, working for a high profile, high powered company like Pineappleope forces you to test limits. It forces you to do whatever it takes to get things done. Today was a day like that. Drink all afternoon and then log into work at midnight. The team is counting on you. What do you do???

1. Concoct a beverage to keep things interesting. Guinness and iced coffee. DONE.

2. Get your stuff done. DONE.

3. Wait on inferior teammates to do their shit. Not done.

4. In case of 3 failing, like it is right now, analyze PAO stats.  PAO stats are a never ending source of knowledge and power.

5. In case of 4, share with the world some of this new power that feeds your brains. SO, what do creatures of the night need from PAO? Here’s a rare glimpse into the private data of PAO datacenters..

Claymation porn

extreme bikini


vanessa hudgens nude

olympic nipple slips



carrie prejean video


So there ya have it.. no one wants anything but some hot action tonight. Way to go, team. Way.. to.. go.

5 Replies to “[the best things] Working late on a Saturday. Whats the best thing?”

  1. update. step 3 above is near completion – almost time to crash out.

    special thanks to alana blanchard for chillin in the PAO office and motivating the techies. thanks alana, good stuff. great swimsuit. yes.

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