Post #229: Watch out.

There was a slowdown on a PAO staffer’s commute last night. This kinda shit happens all the time, since PAO offices are in the HUB OF THE UNIVERSE.  Traffic is expected, and we watch it out the window for sport. Its happy times, until you are sitting in your vehicular transport.

Last night, though, was a new source of traffic.. that staff member managed to snap this pic with his Iphone Nano and email it to HQ.. but sadly, moments later, the zombies ate his brains. He should have worn a hat.. 

How to Defend yourself from PUMPKIN INVASION

Here at PAO, we deal with all kinds of issues. For instance, we had to move our office space recently. Since we are always concerned with YOU, our beloved, valued, and awesomeo readers, we like to do our part to give back. 

Today, after 4.25 years of work, we have one of our most prized projects ready to demonstrate. 

Many years ago, a reader livebloggtwittered to us saying they were under attack by pumpkins. It was a heart wrenching story, and here at PAO, we knew it had to be addressed. Pumpkins are assholes and need to be kept in their place.  That’s why we developed the GUNSAW 2000! Even the army loves it. We have a seriously gorey video in action, as well – beware pumpkins – video follows! Continue reading “How to Defend yourself from PUMPKIN INVASION”