[2012 Olympics] London Olympic Mascots are The Worst of All-Time

This is it folks, the ACTUAL video on how the 2012 Olympic mascots were developed. With Rainbows and metal. Awful. Try your hardest not to vomit

Back Story… When the official logo of the 2012 London Olympics was released three years ago, the odd puzzle-piece design was the object of so much scorn that organizers were desperate to avoid similar criticism when they unveiled the mascots for the Games on Wednesday. With the introduction of Wenlock and Mandeville….

The officials chime in….

– Uhhh.. alianz??

– This gives me yet another reason to boycott the 2012 London Olympic games…

– Ultimate Olympic Fail

– Does the FACT that these retarded mascots are made from rainbows indicate they are in fact gay and homosexual?

– Olympic teletubbies???

– WOW the british are sooooo creative /YAWN /MAJOR YAWN /SUPREME YAWN

– I love it. It’s so cute and charming in a pg way- so innocent

– The world ends in 2012, so who the f cares?

There are REAL actors wearing these bogus costumes

[Nintendo] New Molesting Fetish Game Coming to the Wii

Coming June 2010 to the Wii – ‘少女 プ: レイ3の’ (Artificial girl 2: Just the Tip)

Previewers Said:

– It’s been at least half an hour, and my brain has yet to process what the fuck I just watched.

– I can’t believe that people play with that shit. I can’t. It looks so sad

– where in the hell do people get this stuff? I need to pre-order

[Vacations] Spring Break 2010 Options: Guido Beach, NJ

Spring Break 2010 is just around the corner and Pineappleope.com is here to help you Spring Breakers choose the Ultimate Spring Break 2010 destination.

Any Beach, NJ


– “I’m a girl’s guy.”
I think she meant “guy’s girl?” What a bunch of tools…

– stupidest people alive?

– let them all die

– At least we can keep them in one place.

[Wednesday Jams] Tetris Jams!!! Chicks love Tetris. Grandmas, especially.

Major LDAP.

  • Who new? Well now when I piss of girls I can avoid catching a beating by singing this.
  • *is a chick* I suck at Tetris…and I really don’t like it much either…XD My mom is really good at it and loves it though, lol.
  • ehm ShUFFleEmOoOxD i have just a comment for ya’
    1st: i never said it sucked
    2nd: i AM a girl, don’t really care if you believe it or not, it’s your choice. Just because i don’t like Tetris you don’t believe i’m a girl? That’s kinda lame in my opinion… And why exactly would I want to pretend being a girl that doesn’t like Tetris…? That’s just… stupid…
    and 3rd: i didn’t get “mad”… wtf? i was just giving my opinion, geez…
  • [LDAP] This Is Why The Google AdSense Service Sucks Balls

    PAO Received this garbage from Google Adsense following our Petition to get reinstated. For those uninformed, Adsense was fortunate enough to be PAO’s main advertiser until they screwed PAO out of roughly $10 G’s.



    Thanks for providing us with additional information. However, after
    thoroughly reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into
    consideration, we’ve re-confirmed that your account poses a significant
    risk to our advertisers. For this reason, we’re unable to reinstate your
    account. Thank you for your understanding.

    As a reminder, if you have any questions about your account or the actions
    we’ve taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more
    information by visiting


    The Google AdSense Team

    Boycott Google Adsense.

    Great Job Team

    [Headphones] Live-blogging Bose Customer Support on the Web

    Problem: Having difficult time living with brutal co-workers talking and sucking all the time

    While checking out Bose.com for noise cancelling Headphones – a chat now popup interfered with my online shopping.


    Thank you for choosing Bose. A Product Sales Specialist will be with you shortly.

    offshore-outsourcing-to-india-2[1]Aric: Welcome to Bose. My name is Aric, how may I help you today?

    DangerousDan: hi, i am thinking of getting the qc 15s today

    Aric: Excellent!! Do you have any questions?

    DangerousDan: do they cancell out noise from coworkers close by, or is it more for airplane noise?

    DangerousDan: i deal with brutal co-workers who are fucking loud, sit next to me

    DangerousDan: i need something to shut them out, for good

    Aric: Noise reduction circuitry in QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones minimizes low-frequency sound, but not high-frequency sound. The earcups passively shield you from high-frequency sound by placing a barrier between you and the sound. No headphones will eliminate all noise. But proprietary Bose noise reduction and audio technologies work together to make almost any listening experience more rewarding.

    DangerousDan:: …so will this help? i already have the regular $150 bose headphones

    bose-qc15[1]DangerousDan:: the over the ear version, sans noise cancelling

    Aric: QuietComfort 15 headphones reduce significantly more noise than previous models. Advanced electronics now use microphones both inside and outside each earcup to sense and reduce more of the sounds around you, across a wider range of frequencies.

    DangerousDan: your basically rewriting what ive already read on the bose website…

    DangerousDan: not quite answering my question

    DangerousDan: will these be effective at shutting out my sucky coworkers??

    Aric: It is hard to say, Do you plan on connecting the headphones to a source?

    Continue reading the live blogging Continue reading “[Headphones] Live-blogging Bose Customer Support on the Web”