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Today’s tip – how to work your exercise balls properly, hosted by Scarlett Jo!


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[College Football] Clemson Fan Extemely Upset After Loss to Georgia Tech

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Very emotional Clemson fan caught on camera and used during the ESPN overview highlight of the Clemson versus Georgia Tech game on September 10, 2009.

Clemson wound up losing the game, 27-30, by a last minute field goal after coming back from 24 points down.

Note: The use of the Telestrator and Chris Fowler struggling to keep his composure during the highlight bit.

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[Jock Jams] Boostalk – We Gon Rock

We’re not sure if Boo means “we are going to rock” or “we have gone rock” or “we don’t know dick about music” – but whatever Boo means – he’s go a SMASH hit. The video features all the stuff you want to see – including a homely chick dancing horribly, and Boos, the man himself – shootin hoops and break dancing. Not to mention pumping MAD IRON – dude is JACKED. Get your ROCK on now:

Weekend UPDATE

Yeah, its weekend time again – the time when PAO editors lodge themselves into rooms and closets, absorbing the sweet chance to dive into AOL chat rooms and play Worlds of Warcrafters until not 3am, but now 5am! Yes! Who doesn’t love the chance? 

We quizzed some passersbys, such as Intern Eddy Comida who said “i am gonna hamma my dishwasha and have a pahty!”.  Thanks for that, Eddy. 

Another intern from our USSR office claimed she was going to do nothing but chat online to hook up and possibly fly to America on Saturday or Sunday. Other interns – add your 2 rupies.

There you have it – big plans all around. SEE YOU IN WOW!