[Fellatio Truth Movement] – a movement PAO stands in front of!

Simon “Wet Dick” Bergeron describes his brilliant movement – the Fellatio Truth Movement – and gives hard facts that support the need for this over any other movement. For instance – a BJ can take just a few minutes.. saving the environment? LIFETIMES.

Pineappleope fully supports and contributes large sums of money to the Fellatio Truth Movement .

  • only 39 % swallow!!!! OH THE SHAME OF THOSE nasty 61% spitters!!
  • HILARIOUS!!!!!!! The beginning was kind of not really promising, but then Jon did it again and made me want to get my dick out!
  • Not that funny johnny. . . do Canada proud and put out some more quality shit.
  • We should all start living by this ! I wanna enlist into Fellatio Truth Movement
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