[Hypnotic Food] Check out the latest crazy time in Japan! GIGA PUDDING!

Giga Pudding is a pudding-making kit by Japanese toy company Takara Tomy that outshines all other pudding-making kits for producing a bucket-sized, 20-serving mountain of crème caramel and for spurning a theme song so catchy that it’s been released as a single. Watch the video after the jump. [Warning: Inappropriate for those offended by images of cute food eating itself.]

Japanese Pig Rodeo – [girls riding pigs bareback]

pig and girlA shocking sport growing in popularity over in Japan is Pig Rodeo – or as some call it, Swine Surfing. Tricia Takanawa, our Asian correspondent, travelled overseas to investigate. She summarizes it as “a one stop thrill ride to mud and death, as these pigs are smothered in gelatinous swine flu serum”. Wow.