[Spoiler Alert] Tuesday Catchup – Panico Na Band!

Yup, we got our hands on the latest episode of the Brazilian mind crusher, PANICO NA BAND!!

This week, just like EVERY WEEK its 20 year old Brazilians busting a move!


[Science] Megalodon, do you know him? Do you like beats?

A megashark, the size of mars, Megalodon (pronounced /ˡmɛ.gə.ləˌdɒn/ or MEG-a-la-don; meaning “Suck Tooth” in Greek from μέγας and ὀδούς in Spanish from Azul Snanchnez). This non-amphibian was around 18 million years ago and likey still around today. You have a better chance at crossing paths with a Megalodon while swimming in a large body of water, such as an ocean, or atlantic ocean.

Here we are featuring a MEGALODON video with some beats. Disregard the spelling mistakes.