[Tunes] EPIC Friday JAMS – The Hand that Gives You Up

What the 20 year old brazilians are saying:

  • wow, this is pretty epic.
  • If I were Trent, I’d punch your vacation raping lights out
  • However terrible this may be, it is, at the same time, so epic I can’t deny it.
  • Holy fuck. Like, in a good way.
  • nin is formally one guy but obviously bounces ideas around a lot. if it was just him, im fairly sure someone would have started treating him as messiah by now. probably me.

    but anyway, its scary how well this works… never seen the astley video before. does he have some kind of winding mechanism that makes him move like that so consistently?

  • [Wednesday Jams] Tetris Jams!!! Chicks love Tetris. Grandmas, especially.

    Major LDAP.

  • Who new? Well now when I piss of girls I can avoid catching a beating by singing this.
  • *is a chick* I suck at Tetris…and I really don’t like it much either…XD My mom is really good at it and loves it though, lol.
  • ehm ShUFFleEmOoOxD i have just a comment for ya’
    1st: i never said it sucked
    2nd: i AM a girl, don’t really care if you believe it or not, it’s your choice. Just because i don’t like Tetris you don’t believe i’m a girl? That’s kinda lame in my opinion… And why exactly would I want to pretend being a girl that doesn’t like Tetris…? That’s just… stupid…
    and 3rd: i didn’t get “mad”… wtf? i was just giving my opinion, geez…