WordPress for BlackBerry Beta Already Out With An Update

WordPress for BlackBerry which just came out in public beta a couple of days ago has already received an update. WordPress for Blackberry Beta is now available and it fixes the following issues:

  • Corrects a problem with some self-hosted WordPress sites with version < 2.7
  • Fixes an issue with WordPress installs in subfolders
  • A few spelling / copy issues
  • Fixes a categories issue

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HTC Hero’s Teflon Coating Makes the iPhone Feel Like Junk – iPhone 3G

Simply put, the Teflon-coated back just feels and looks a lot better than the iPhone’s—now crappy looking, I admit—plastic back. The Hero’s polytetrafluoroethylene—the technical name for DuPont’s Teflon—coating feels perfect in your hand. It doesn’t appear to get any skin oil at all. No greasy fingerprints, just a perfect matte finish no matter how much I touched it.

It feels and looks like a white thermal tile out of NASA’s shuttle.

via Gizmodo – Materials: The HTC Hero’s Teflon Coating Makes the iPhone Feel Like Junk – iPhone 3G.

TechCrunch @Twitter: Your Stupid Problems and Why they are Odd.

Please note, this article does not express the opinions of all PAO’ers. Just most of us. TechCrunch is a web resource that you can access at http://www.techcrunch.com .

follow_pao1Twitter just went through an awful 24-hour stretch. It included taking away a feature some people loved, probably being misleading about it, getting a huge amount of backlash, halfway bringing the feature back, and getting railed by the press for it all — with bouts of downtime mixed in for good measure.

This is hardly the first time Twitter has had everyone up in arms, and it won’t be the last, but it’s pretty astonishing how the company seemed to solve one problem by creating two more. Sure, it’s easy to play desk-chair quarterback, and probably a bit unfair — but it’s also fun, and a good cautionary tale, so let’s do that.

Here’s how the past 24 hours at Twitter went down:

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New Car Tuesday: Peel P50’s

Pineappleope.com employees will be enjoying a new fleet of Peel P50’s. Pineappleope.com is going green, red and blue.

The Peel P50 is a three-wheeled microcar manufactured by the Manx Peel Engineering Company. It retails for £199 (~$2,593) when purchased new, and currently holds the record for the best-ever automobile to go into production.

The P50 uses a 49 cc (3.0 cu in) Turbo DKW engine which gives it a top speed of approximately 61 km/h (78 mph), and comes fully equipped with a three-speed manual transmission that has no reverse gear.

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