Jessica Biel – the definitive gallery.

The PAO street team did some research before we allowed this one to hit the wires. The reviews came back GLOWING. Some words:

  • Joey M – i wish i was her. seriously. i’d have more fun with this fun bags than a god damn prop comedian.
  • Marsha R – well, that does it. i’m engaged, but i would give it all up for one night with Jessica Biel.
  • Frank L – My greatest dream – for my twin daughters to seduce Jessica Biel and film it – just for me.
  • Anne-Marie T – Mon dieu! Qui-est? QUI EST? JE WANT.
  • CEO of Pineappleope Enterprises – I wll be requiring some time alone. Disperse. Immediately. GOOOOO.

[Heroic Heroins] Hayden Panettiere – bisexual or just an oral fixation?

So, anyone who’s anyone watched Heroes. Come on, you know you wanted to save that cheerleader right? Yeah you did. We all did. Well that cheerleader is growing up fast – and it looks like Hayden Panettiere is not totally sure of what side of the sex fence she’s on. Rumors fly around that she’s into dudes, chicks, and occasionally both.

Really – she’s been caught flashing and putting her mouth on all kinds of things lately.. from breasts to big trophies. PAO investigated and caught her in many acts..

[PAOHILTON] Girlicious band member charged with cocaine possession, lesbianism.

GLENDALE, Calif. – A member of the pop group Girlicious has been charged in California with drug possession with the intent to sell after Glendale police allegedly found a dozen plastic bags of cocaine in her Gucci purse.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Natalie Mejia of Diamond Bar and 28-year-old Peter Asencio of Burbank were charged Thursday in Glendale Superior Court.

Asencio is accused of speeding in a 1998 Ford Mustang when he and Mejia were pulled over and arrested Tuesday night.Police say Mejia said the drugs were not hers and claimed she didnt know how they got into her purse.

Asencio was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

via Girlicious band member charged with having drugs – Yahoo! News.

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Vanessa Hudgens – naked time is the best time, isn’t it?

Recently, media moguls tipped off the world to new Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures. As the world becomes more mentally retarded daily, this clearly became a huge story. However.. the pics have been very hard to come by, unless you are this 11yr old asian kid.

[singlepic id=34 w=120 float=right]Today, PAO staffers earned a gold star, becoming one of the elite – at the level of this 11yr old kid – to have the new, improved VH photos. Of course they are so steamy that you can’t see them here – you have to go to page two for all that ass. Actually, there’s no ass, unless her ass is in her crotch. Yeah, you know what we mean.
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