[BReAKING] Day of the week alert

ALERT!!!!! Its Wednesday.

That is all.

[Spoiler Alert] Tuesday Catchup – Panico Na Band!

Yup, we got our hands on the latest episode of the Brazilian mind crusher, PANICO NA BAND!!

This week, just like EVERY WEEK its 20 year old Brazilians busting a move!


[Health Tips] Warming up this Friday the 13th Night..

Winter is approaching – Friday nights are not about grillin’ and chillin anymore. Its time to stay inside and layer up.

Keeping warm over the winter months will definitely help prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions such as STDs, heart attacks, strokes, hangovers, pneumonia and depression. The chances of these problems are higher if you’re vulnerable to cold-related illnesses because of one or more of the following:

  • you’re over 65
  • you are desperately single
  • zits
  • you’re on a low income (so can’t afford heating)
  • bad breath
  • spending too much time at the 99
  • you don’t follow @ihatethissite on the twitters
  • high % of 80’s music on your iPod
  • you wear a braided belt

So forget about going outside. Just grab your i-droid-tablet and just look at some warm girls.

[MLSVD] Shay Gives Us Some Inspiration, with Wild Spanking Bonus

Yes folks, the MLSVD (Major League Synchronized Video Dancing) is back, and as inspirational as ever. Blondie Shay dances her face off to some of the most inspirational audio we’ve heard in months. Sporting an inspiring black thong, Shay is really going for it this time…

Judges Said:

– I cannot get enough, this video is giving me the strength to do just about Anything

– Shoulve pic’d a higher tempo song imo


You’ve earned that spanking, from three chicks! Two of whom have really nice upper bodies, WATCH YOUR BONUS >>> Continue reading “[MLSVD] Shay Gives Us Some Inspiration, with Wild Spanking Bonus”

Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German

PAO researchers, working on their “flesh of the stars” project, have come across a mildly decent scene of lesbian action between Amy Adams and Lauren German .


In the scene, the babes find a room and chat for about 10 seconds. German, who appears to “wear the pants”, strikes first in the big make out scene. Iit appears that Lauren is hungry for a hot buttered muffin, and Amy is wildly confused about her feelings. It is deep and moving.

Check out the scene and a freebie of Ms German after the jumparooo! Continue reading “Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German”

[Facts] Did you know? The definition of HPOA..

ever wander what a HOPA was? or a HPOA? This chick tries to show you – she quit her job for being labeled a HPOA. See if you can figure it out! more photoz at thechive!