Post cards dont send themselves, apparently

As y’all see right here – all post cards from the Nordic lands visible above/below. These cards appear to still be in nordicalandington, and not in the mail. With days in Nordic dwindling it’s up in the air whether these will ever get sent, or send themselves. Completely filled out, addresses and all the cards don’t appear to be determined to send them selfs.


Everyone’s got ’em – totally stupid, assbreathed, dickhead douchbags.

“HOPEFULLY its YOUR code, and then I can hang out here longer and intrude your personal space and touch everything in your cube and pray that SARAHAAAHAHAAA comes in so I can put the moves on and YELL INTO YOUR EAR and continue to invade your personal space!”

It is a shame these people don’t just stay home. “TWO HOURS TO GO A MILE”. Hey, ¬†you fcktard, you remember all those other cars you saw in traffic? It was probably all of us – we were in traffic TOO. Did we go yell it into YOUR ear? NO. So go walk into that traffic with your stupid ass hat – preferrably into the traffic that is MOVING.

Your Brains, on our cameras.

You know PAO is smart, right? But did you know.. we are smarter than YOU? We are in fact, brain surgeons as hobbiests. Like, we know brains so well, we don’t get paid for it – its what we do for fun around here. Crazy huh? Well that’s how PAO brings you all the cutting edge shit around here.

So this week, we used our new BRAIN SCAN machine. From a distance, we monitored the famous MC CHILL, and shockingly, this is what the scanner showed us. This is what goes on in that dude’s head.. all day. All night. All through meals. All through his factose intolerant verbal diarrheal assaults on coworkers.