The Definitive Star Wars Wedding [weddings] [larp] [mormon]

muffin_licker PAO employee Jezibel Schwartz recently got married! First we want to congratulate her, and second we want to exploit her creativity in having the most.. ________ wedding you’ve ever seen. Yeah, you fill in the blank! It was and forever will be, a Star Wars Wedding!

She is a Mormon, and a muffin licker – which has caused a huge stir on Twitter. To be honest, PAO does not take a stand on either team regarding muffin licking – we like the idea, would like to see more, but we won’t get political here. The Mormon thing came out as a calendar image in an infamous “mormon milf” calendar that hit the Utah news like a TREX in KFC.

stormtrooper-corset1Back to the story, though – the star wars wedding came jam packed with light sabers (sorry, no lesbian battles this time), storm troopers, battles, and special FX. Check out the gallery on the next page!
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Star Trek vs Star Wars [ultimate battle of space]

star trek and star warsPAO readers are always torn in two groups. Well, four – men/women .. and star trek / star wars. Recent polls show that much of this divergence is a result of recent blockbuster hits such as Twlight, Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and Police Academy.

PAO has now obtained information that pits the two franchises directly against eachother to show who will really win. It is quite startling, this reporter thinks.