Spaceship-Shaped “Cloud” Hovering Earth – [ITS CLEARLY A GODDAMN UFO]

A giant, anvil-shaped cloud bubbles up towards the Earth’s stratosphere, looming over West Africa. The amazing formation would be invisible to anyone on the ground and would even be obscure from a regular passenger jet since they can reach up to 75,000ft. But astronauts captured the astonishing picture from hundreds of miles up as they orbited the globe on the International Space Station. Anvil clouds are formed mostly from ice and normally form in the upper parts of thunderstorms. They get their shape from the fact that rising warm air in thunderstorms expands and spreads out as the air bumps up against the bottom of the stratosphere. Streaks of snow are often seen falling out of the edges of anvils. This light snow usually evaporates as it falls through the relatively dry air surrounding the upper part of the thunderstorm.” w/ photos

Main Toilet On International Space Station Craps Out

The Narrative Fallacy writes
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“NASA has spent years getting ready for a crowd in space — adding additional sleeping quarters, learning how to recycle liquid waste into drinking water, and installing a second bathroom last year. But now the main toilet has broken down on the International Space Station while a record 13 astronauts are on board. For now Mission Control has advised the astronauts to hang an ‘out of service’ sign on the toilet as it may take days to repair. In the meantime, Endeavour’s seven astronauts will be restricted to the shuttle bathroom. Last year a Russian cosmonaut complained that he was no longer allowed to use the US toilet because of billing and cost issues. Now the six space ISS residents will have to get in line to use the back-up toilet in the Russian part of the station. The pump separator on the malfunctioning toilet has apparently flooded, and ESA astronaut Frank De Winne is the guy tasked with putting his plumbing skills to work on short notice. ‘We don’t yet know the extent of the problem,’ says flight director Brian Smith, adding that the toilet troubles were ‘not going to be an issue’ for now.”

via Slashdot Science Story | Main Toilet On ISS Craps Out.

[holy crap][A super hero is born] Boy Survives 30,000 mph Meteorite Penetration #fridayfacts #space

This 14-year-old boy is Gerrit Blank, and he is probably smiling because he survived a 30,000 mph meteorite hit. His tale—confirmed by scientists at Germany’s Walter Hohmann Observatory—seems like the genesis of a superhero:

At first I just saw a large ball of light, and then I suddenly felt a pain in my hand. Then a split second after that there was an enormous bang like a crash of thunder. The noise that came after the flash of light was so loud that my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself into the road.

via Gizmodo – Boy Survives 30,000 mph Meteorite Impact – Meteorite boy.

[lunar exploration] Choose Your Own Adventure (On Drugs): High In Outer Space! #space #drugs

Cutting right to the chase.. this is the greatest internet post we’ve seen outside of our own site – go see for yourself..

Choose Your Own Adventure (On Drugs): High In Outer Space!
choose your own adventure

You find yourself on a dark and deserted avenue. You have seen this street many times in movies and photographs. It is the kind of place usually half-glimpsed in the back of taxi cabs heading elsewhere, at once both familiar, and alien.….

Got Rockets? PAO investigates rocket launch discussions.

rocket_belt_with_kyStar Trekkers at your local lunch table are babbling like mad around here as a potentially viewable rocket launch closes in on PAO readers tonight. Staff astrologist Dr Chewbert says “rockets are big, and they move fast. These two factors, as well as Aries crossing into the Moon and Mars, make your chances of viewing the event circumstantial. They kind of cross eachother out. I’m watching though – my fortune for this day is strong for romance!”

Is it true? We are not sure yet. Stay tuned to find out. If it is, indeed, true, you will see something like the video below.

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