PAO Myth Busters: “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”

PAO hates liars. Especially fat ones. So when someone says.. “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, the PAO Myth Busters get called in.

After many experiments, we came up with two BUSTERs for this slogan.

  1. There “was” a free lunch.. but you were too slow to get it – or, more likely, someone was too fat and greedy, and ate it all before anyone else could get it.
  2. There “is” a free lunch.. but.. its poisoned. You can take your chances and eat for free.. but you might die a slow, greasy, painful death.

poisoned pizzas
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PAO knows you are self conscious about the size of your bank account. We are, too – hell, who the fck isn’t? That’s why we sunk hundreds of dollars into R&D on this economy-proof penny pinching market we’ve invented. Fck Fast Food. This is SUPERfastfood. Oh yes – starting today, at vending machines around the world – you can get PAO branded FRENCH FRIES and PIZZA!!! No more lines at fast food – no more Super Size scams – this is cut and dry – get your grease fix for a prix fix.

french fries vending machine

pizza vending machine
PAO CFO "johnny b" at PAO HQ, testing out some PIE.