Follow PAO on Twitter – we need your support! [twitter]

follow_paoThe PAO network is now one with the Twitter network. In a mutual admiration society, we are all one and one. Some thought this day would not come, and PAO staffers are happy to spit on those folks and prove, once again, that we are an unstoppable internet powerhouse.

Dudes, Chicks, Anna, HotBeth4u, ATC – we need want you guys to follow us on Twitter. We don’t have to explain why – clearly, Twitter is the fcking BOMB and you are needed. We’re all about getting in touch with our users, and what better way than through microblogging?

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PAO knows you are self conscious about the size of your bank account. We are, too – hell, who the fck isn’t? That’s why we sunk hundreds of dollars into R&D on this economy-proof penny pinching market we’ve invented. Fck Fast Food. This is SUPERfastfood. Oh yes – starting today, at vending machines around the world – you can get PAO branded FRENCH FRIES and PIZZA!!! No more lines at fast food – no more Super Size scams – this is cut and dry – get your grease fix for a prix fix.

french fries vending machine

pizza vending machine
PAO CFO "johnny b" at PAO HQ, testing out some PIE.

PAO Asks: ATC is into Twitter?

master_of_meetings_logoWhy ATC is into Twitter – CEO M. Chill, Master of Meetings speaks

I had the pleasure of interviewing via email M. Chill, Master of Meetings, the CEO of online fishing blog retailer, for an article I wrote for the August issue of Multichannel Merchant. ATC is a real innovator among online premium senior software architects in a lot of areas, not the least of which is social media. They have taken Twitter by storm, with 440 twittering employees – including their CEO (M. Chill) and their COO (Alfred). They even launched a fishing site dedicated to their Twitter presence.

PAO Asks: Can you share a bit of background about you and ATC, and how the Yamma culture plays into your inclination to jump headfirst into new online marketing channels? What were your objectives in entering the Twitterverse? from a social media standpoint is pretty impressive and in the corporate world a rather unheard of large-scale embracing of Twitter. What is the big picture idea behind this / how did this come about?

M. Chill: Background on the Yamma is here. My bio is here. You can get a glimpse inside our Yamma culture here. (points to big fat gut)…

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PAO Review: Cape Cod Potato Chips

PAO staffer Lori “the load” Balancer got her hands on some new CHIPS. Since she only uses Twitter we got a quick review from her – here are the tweets, compounded and edited.

“The┬áCape Cod Potato Chips were in a small bag with alot of air. Opening the bag (see gallery) proved that there was really not much in the bag. Chips tasted potatoey. Not very salty and not fatty at all. Turns out they reduced the fat by 40%. Crunchy. Pen cap comparison shoes size. Though empty, bag is spacey enough for a hand.”