[iTablet Preview] PAO’s Roundup of the upcoming iTablet. If you can’t wait 2 more days..

What we KNOW

– its called the iTablet

– its coming to Verizon and ATT

– it will use the AppLibrary – not the AppStore

– it will read ebooks

– it will have full screen apps

– it is has fully integrated wireless N and asynchronous GPS

– it will replace your iphone and your ipod

– it will blow your fcking mind

– it will require you to have a European Carry-All (cool!)

– it will have an OLED screen

– you will get laid if you have one

What we don’t know

– will it cure herpes?

– will it work on TMobile

– will it have a front facing camera?

– how is its Sexting abilities?

– can it stream porn?

– can it play DIVX porn?

– will it have multi touch porn apps?

– how many fart apps will run on it at the same time?

– can my mom use it?

– can your mom use it?

And the big question.. WTF does it look like?? Here are the best renderings we’ve got:

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WordPress for BlackBerry Beta Already Out With An Update

WordPress for BlackBerry which just came out in public beta a couple of days ago has already received an update. WordPress for Blackberry Beta is now available and it fixes the following issues:

  • Corrects a problem with some self-hosted WordPress sites with version < 2.7
  • Fixes an issue with WordPress installs in subfolders
  • A few spelling / copy issues
  • Fixes a categories issue

via Rimarkable

Youtube being attacked with PORN videos from fourchan and maybe ebaums [porn] #porn #youtube

No wonder they say “20 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute”!!

From ArsT

porn_day_arsYouTube is the latest target for pranksters looking to amuse themselves. Today, May 20, has been deemed “Porn Day” by denizens of 4chan and eBaum’s World, with an organized group of users from the sites uploading video clips of explicit, adult content en masse in an attempt to overwhelm the search results. In actuality, it appears that content was prematurely uploaded on the afternoon of the 19th. YouTube has already taken some steps to fight back, but it’s disturbingly easy to find stuff you really don’t want to see, and the uploaders are changing tactics.

As one might expect, the pornographic clips are being uploaded without any indication that they’re for adult eyes only, making them easy to happen upon by casual searchers. As the upload-fest has progressed, users are also uploading what seems to be legitimate content, but is in fact a porn video that simply has 20-30 seconds of non-porn content (a newscast, an interview) at the beginning.

YouTube, for its part, has been fast to remove the video clips for violations of the site’s terms of use, but we are still able to find porn videos posted a few hours ago. Even those that are found and removed leave porn residue, since the XXX-rated videos are still showing up in searches and their explicit thumbnails remain in plain view for anyone to see.

“It may take some time for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site,” Google spokesperson Scott Rubin told Ars. “Typically, this should not take more than a couple of days, but the videos themselves are no longer viewable.”

The lag time between video and thumbnail removal seems to be ruffling the feathers of some users, particularly those with kids who use the site. After all, it’s pretty easy to run across these thumbnails even though their corresponding videos have been removed, and it’s pretty clear what’s going on at first glance.

YouTube is getting a little inadvertent help in combating the uploading, thanks to the fact that the earliest posters all used the same tags (for instance, marblecake, jonas brothers [search at your own risk]), which made identifying videos easier. Many uploaders are also posting links to their “victories” on the forums, making it easier to find videos that way as well.

Update: An eBaum’s World representative contacted Ars saying that the site was in no way involved with the Porn Day prank.

BREAKING PAO news. We’ve discovered the issues behind.. SCS

The researchers that we keep in the basement here at PAO have made some earth busting discoveries today. Please note, this might BLOW YOUR MIND. The “SCS Conundrum” is a problem that we previously dated back to the time of the birth of gravity. Shockingly, through CSS dating and a revelation in Davenautical science, the dudes downstairs figured out that we were way off, initially. The news? We were able to create a detailed graphic of the universe to show you.

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