Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German

PAO researchers, working on their “flesh of the stars” project, have come across a mildly decent scene of lesbian action between Amy Adams and Lauren German .


In the scene, the babes find a room and chat for about 10 seconds. German, who appears to “wear the pants”, strikes first in the big make out scene. Iit appears that Lauren is hungry for a hot buttered muffin, and Amy is wildly confused about her feelings. It is deep and moving.

Check out the scene and a freebie of Ms German after the jumparooo! Continue reading “Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German”

[Movie Time] King Kong is BACK on the big screen – 1972 style!

Yup, before “Be Kind Rewind” was ever put on paper, some smart kids were already remaking crappy movies with a crappy camera. But back in the 70’s, this was an incredible remake of a crappy movie on a sweet-as-balls camera. I think it was a Flip – not HD though. Check check it out. King Kong beats on this kids like no other.

[Movie Time] PAO reviews “Teen Witch” and its music.

CUT TO THE CHASE. Teen Witch is a movie about ugly lesbian chicks who turn into dudes. They dance in the street to attract other ugly chicks to become witches too. There’s no nudity, no making out, in fact we have serious concerns that there are even any lesbians in this movie. Honestly, we are glad we viewed this after mainlining acid for 4 days straight – else it would not have been nearly as engaging. Here’s the culminating scene of the film – a video called TOP THAT.

  • O.O WAHT HT RUFKC IS THIS SHITkseldraisdkfj
  • yeah this kinda cool…i’ll go cut myself now cos this is to awesome for me to watch. OMG this is like the nerdiest 80’s thing i’ve ever seen?! how could this’ve been cool back then? O.o
  • Hi Im from the facebook group “songs that make normal people commit suicide afterward”… Id like to invite you to become our #1 video ever.
  • Good thing this is in widescreen, I bet her nose wouldnt fit in a 4:3 video.
  • I always bust up laughing when she says “Look how funky he is!