[MLSVD] Shay Gives Us Some Inspiration, with Wild Spanking Bonus

Yes folks, the MLSVD (Major League Synchronized Video Dancing) is back, and as inspirational as ever. Blondie Shay dances her face off to some of the most inspirational audio we’ve heard in months. Sporting an inspiring black thong, Shay is really going for it this time…

Judges Said:

– I cannot get enough, this video is giving me the strength to do just about Anything

– Shoulve pic’d a higher tempo song imo


You’ve earned that spanking, from three chicks! Two of whom have really nice upper bodies, WATCH YOUR BONUS >>> Continue reading “[MLSVD] Shay Gives Us Some Inspiration, with Wild Spanking Bonus”

[MLSVD] Spring Training Coverage

Spring Training for MLSVD (Major League Synchronized Video Dancing) has hit, and PAO got its hands on some amatureish video featuring aspiring amature MLSVD players. Here is Samantha, trying her best, but ultimately not making the cut:

Judges Said:

– I just don’t understand the music choice… she could do much better than this.

– This woman is going to put the crowd to sleep.

– Not. Making. The. Cut. This. Year.

– Dis broad just ain’t MLSVD material yo!

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[MLSVD] Dancer Caught Doping with Oil

Mix a little oil with a sexy dancer, blast some techno beats, and you got one sexy MLSVD match… (For those not in the know: MLSVD is Major League Synchronized Video Dancing)

Crowd said:

– pr3tty sure this gal is #1 in tha league

– I’ve seen way hotter. I’m sorta let down.

– This waz on DirectTV like a week ago, hi def FTW!

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[Sports] Synchronized Video Dancing – The MLSVD

2010 not only brought in a new decade, it also launched the new Major League sport of Synchronized Video Dancing, the MLSVD. Hugely popular in the Orient since the late 1980’s, Synchronized Video Dancing is coming to the West full steam with several major television stations signing on such as CBS, TNT, and A&E.

The following is a video of MLSVD star, Ming Luaning, the top paid player in the league:

*Ming scored an exceptional 7.8 – quite a difficult routine ringing in at a 5.5 degree of difficulty