[Movie Time] PAO Studios putting final touches on super movie time for motion picture releases

yes is time to come! pineappleopes has started finish on MACGRUBER movie it is good i see it. you no see it but i do! hahahhaha

Some guy say

Only one American hero has earned the rank of Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger. Just one operative has been awarded 16 purple hearts, 3 Congressional Medals of Honor and 7 presidential medals of bravery. And only one guy is man enough to still sport a mullet.

[Hackers] Hacking Condoms – Top 5 Condom Hacks

Here, right here, are the top 5 things you can do with an ordinary condom when your not having sex with it, including the condom lighter.


– das fuked up man…really funny though..NUT SHOT for real

– deepestwound
you could do all this with balloons….and they are cheaper…

– narutowa
@deepestwound water leaks thought regular balloons

‘MacGruber’ film casting – yup, the real life Macgyver flick is happening!

“MacGruber,” the recurring “Saturday Night Live” skit that parodies “MacGyver,” is one step closer to going before cameras as a big-screen movie.

Ryan Phillippe is in negotiations to star in the feature, with Val Kilmer in negotiations to also join the Relativity Media production. Will Forte and Kristen Wiig are reprising their roles from the skits.

Jorma Taccone, who created the character and directed most of the skits, is helming; “SNL” producer and creator Lorne Michaels is producing.

via ‘MacGruber’ film eyes cast.