Amy Adams – Experimenting with Lauren German

PAO researchers, working on their “flesh of the stars” project, have come across a mildly decent scene of lesbian action between Amy Adams and Lauren German .


In the scene, the babes find a room and chat for about 10 seconds. German, who appears to “wear the pants”, strikes first in the big make out scene. Iit appears that Lauren is hungry for a hot buttered muffin, and Amy is wildly confused about her feelings. It is deep and moving.

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[Answering your questions] Will history repeat itself with the Ross Sisters?

Just got a tweet from a twatter asking about the Ross Sisters. I thought this guy was high on PCP – but turns out the Ross Sisters were a real act back in the day – like in 1850. They were 3 hotties, all within 3 years of eachother. Ambidextrous and apparently lacking most bones, they were ravenous lesbians as well. Wait till you see their moves in the video. Its pretty uncanny.

Back to the question though – history will NOT repeat itself here. This act was a divergent chain from standard Evolution – unfortunately, but fortunately at the same time, ultra flexible women like this are predispositioned to be straight – designed and built to please men. The good news, is with some liquor, they can be tricked into pleasing women. The difference though, is that they may develop BISEXUAL tendencies rather than full blown lesbianism. Keep that in mind.

Now – realize the unholyness:

[PAOHILTON] Girlicious band member charged with cocaine possession, lesbianism.

GLENDALE, Calif. – A member of the pop group Girlicious has been charged in California with drug possession with the intent to sell after Glendale police allegedly found a dozen plastic bags of cocaine in her Gucci purse.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Natalie Mejia of Diamond Bar and 28-year-old Peter Asencio of Burbank were charged Thursday in Glendale Superior Court.

Asencio is accused of speeding in a 1998 Ford Mustang when he and Mejia were pulled over and arrested Tuesday night.Police say Mejia said the drugs were not hers and claimed she didnt know how they got into her purse.

Asencio was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

via Girlicious band member charged with having drugs – Yahoo! News.

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[Date Rape] Shocking new trends in pill use among teens

teengirlsIn an awful turn of events for young people, local experts have just learned some shocking news at the local high schools. Young women, accidentally reading odd emails in their inboxes, are not able to obtain massive amounts of drugs for cheap. The drugs appear to be coming from Canada – and that’s not even the crazy part. What’s truly shocking about this case is that the girls aren’t using these pills for their own devices.

pill-cocktailIn fact, researches explain that most of the imports are forms of “rufies” and “male enhancement” pills. What are the dangers of girls having their hands on “date rape” drugs? Well.. lets recall that

Flunitrazepam is known to induce anterograde amnesia in sufficient doses; individuals are unable to remember certain events that they experienced while under the influence of the drug. This effect is particularly dangerous when flunitrazepam is used to aid in the commission of sexual assault; victims may not be able to clearly recall the assault, the assailant, or the events surrounding the assault.

chemistOk, braniacs, yeah you think “so they are knocking guys out.. SO WHAT??” Well – that’s apparently where the “little blue pill” comes into play. In an outright shocking turn of events, the little chemical cocktail that these girls are putting together turns off your brain, but fires up your weenie (aka willie, aka boner, aka schlong, aka one eyed monster, aka purple headed warrier).

Just what happens is still a mystery. It does leave victims in the most vulnerable position possible though. No one’s going to call for help – they are out COLD. But who knows how long their stiffies will last – possibly to medical emergency lengths!? It is a dangerous fact, that girls are out there, trying to take advantage of you. It happened to this guy, “Mr. Cookies” as he called himself. rufied

I thought these girls were like, cool, ya know. Met them online – you know what game I play – and we got together for a LAN party. I thought it was going to be fun, just games and shit. Well I woke up in my basement 39 hours later, and umm, I.. I can’t tell you the rest. It was horrifying.

pill-man Civic authorities are slow moving in this cause, unfortunately. Feeling that there’s “no harm to be done” and that guys are “getting a taste of their own medicine”. It is scary and shocking to think that these early warning signs are being ignored. Warnings of what, you ask? It is clear… the shocking conclusion follows:
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Seven Reasons Women Prefer Nailing Other Women (from the Straight Perspective)

girls and mirror

I don’t think I’m the only straight woman that has been single so long, I’ve considered switching teams. My first choice would be to turn my cat, David Litterman, into a human because he’s so sweet and cuddly. But given he’s neutered and now older than me (in cat years), I’ve been thinking about what is great about other women.

1. We could communicate, there’s no penis to interfere with our brain waves.

1mjordan2. We could cuddle and be satisfied with close physical contact and no penetration.

3. Women have softer lips. Learned this in a body language acting workshop—women are fun to kiss, even French kiss. (Hey, it was integral to the acting scene.)

4. Women prefer to leave the bed to pass gas (at least straight women like me do) whereas men think it’s funny to fart in bed and gross out a partner.

pocket.. something else5. Hugs can be sexual or non-sexual on a date. Maybe I’ve dated the wrong men, but most seem to want the hug to lead in the direction of the sack.

6. It’s nice to hold a woman’s hand since we usually don’t have sweaty palms. See #1 and #5 above, I think the penis and bedroom goal may lead to sweaty palms.

7. Women really kiss softly and tenderly. Some guys I’ve kissed seem to be trying to give me a tonsillectomy or conduct a dental exam. And those guys usually have more spit than the ocean has water. If I want a kiss that wet, I’ll kiss a dog!

I hope other women can add to this list (gay and straight). And I’m not trying to bash men here because I’m still looking for the right guy, I just need him to be more intuitive than many guys. Straight women love gay men because they have more feminine intuition (and certainly better fashion sense than me!)

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Lesbian Sex Positions For Dummies

Lets face it; it doesnt always quite go to plan. I for one have ended up in many an unladylike position, some of which have ended painfully; not a heartbroken sobbing wreck, but more like concertinaed into the splits and wedged between a wall and a bed. Believe me; nobody looks pretty from that angle!

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Review: “I love the student / tribbing. It’s so amazing when my girl lays me down and gets on top of me. The feeling of her pressing down on me is such an amazing feeling!”