[Mailbag] Orgasm on a Rollercoaster!!

Today we reach, deep into that sack known as the mailbag. Yup, its been a while, and boy do we have a good one today – literally, a question for the AGES, thanks to Marcy32 in Kansas for asking this one!

Q: My boyfriend is awful in the sack. I’m a horny girl. I NEED to orgasm, but I fake it every night (and some mornings) for him because he’s so.. you know. Fast. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Is there anything I can do to climax WITH him?

A: Well Marcy, sounds like you have yourself quite a pickle – and its a sour one. Fortunately there are many options for you – and Pineappleope is here to help. First, you are not alone. We get many girls asking this question – and we help them all out. Very often – sometimes over and over and over again.

Usually we recommend just pleasuring yourself in front of a camera, and sending it to us – so we can assess your situation better and provide better guidance. More often than not – we also recommend experimenting with friends.

For your case, we have devised something a bit less orthodox. Since your boyfriend, lets call him Eduardo, is such a prick, we want you to make him feel like less of a man.. subtly. See, the trick here is to get off in front of him, before he even knows what’s going on. How, you ask? Well.. rollercoasters!

Yes – just go to the amusement park. While driving there, we recommend ‘warming yourself up’ in the car – we know Eduardo isn’t talking to you anyway. He’e probably adjusting his greaseball hair in the mirror while he drives his busted ass KIA down the highway. BABY BLUE! So – diddle it up! Once you get to the park, simply run to the first roller coaster. We guarantee that within minutes, you’ll be moister and happier than a juicer gangbangin guido at the tanning salon.

Don’t believe us?? Check out this video from Amanda89!!! >>
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[The Other Olivia] Thursday Beach Babe Feature – Olivia Munn!

Olivia Munn. The ultimate nerd’s wet dream. Possibly created in a lab, some say – she’s half Chinese and half Babe. She’s got smarts. She’s got the ability to down a large hot dog in one gulp. She wears bikini’s and takes them off at the beach. She makes out with other hot chicks (who doesn’t like lesbian action!). She even did some Playboy action, so you know she’s LEGIT.

Oh, and she’s on G4, the nerd station – where she actually can talk about nerd things. She knows nerds. Nerds know her. Nerds want her. Well – PAO has her! Images of her at least – here ya go, nerds! Hit the BREAK for some serious babe action, from bikini to lesbian to sausage swallowing. This girl does it ALL.

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