[Beat Box] Japanese Beat Box Bros! Bustin Beats with their Balls!

Back and better than eva!!!

  • Al Rocker: OMG!! you both should do more beat box vid together *you guys rock!!!*
  • flippy: LOL I was watching Hikakin’s super mario beatbox and I remembered Daichi’s beatboxing vid from months ago and I wished you two would do some sort of collab. And look! You guys are 2 steps ahead of me ;D
  • jack jackhole: you guys need to open your eyes more
  • EvilBoner: The ending was fucking epic.
  • bethernator: OMG is one of those a girl? I’d SMURF IT!

  • Massive wave of giant, fat ass jellyfish attacking Japan

    Fishermen in northern Japan are braced for a “massive” inundation of huge Nomura’s jellyfish this autumn. One of the largest, most obese jellyfish in the world, the species can grow up to 2 meters in diameter and weigh 200 kg. The last time the phenomenon occured on a similar scale was in the summer of 2005 when the jellyfish swarmed into bars, got drunk – then went back out and damaged nets, rendered fish inedible with toxic stings and injured fishermen.

    The first jellyfish have been reported off the coasts of Shimane, Kyoto and Niigata prefectures. Local bars and restaurants are gearing up for the attack – with buckets of salt and locked doors to keep the drunken bastard jellyfish out.

    via Massive wave of jellyfish to attack Japan – Telegraph.

    [japan] [robots]GIANT BEETLE ROBOT

    Someone writes:
    Where else but Japan would a man spend eleven years in his garage to build this Kabutom MX-03 bug mecha. It actually works.

    The man can drive the thing from inside or pilot the Bugdam (bug + Gundam) remotely, and can carry multiple passengers as well as himself. The thing is propped up mostly by the wheels (which allows it to move), but crawls along by pushing itself with the legs.

    In order to get this thing from the man’s house to the shoot, they had to take it apart, put it on multiple trucks, and reassemble it using a crane. It took seven hours.

    PAO Asks: A new series!

    Its a glorious Tuesday here at PAO as we launch yet another ground breaking internet phenomenon! Its the new, improved, and unsurpassed PAO ASKS! In this series, we’ll pose a question, usually with a photo or top notch video.. and YOU, viewer, simply comment and add a response. Its fun, easy, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. And with that said..

    PAO Asks: Would you do it?

    japanese squirrel women