The perfect gift for that iphone owner who has just about everything… except…except

Yes, The Developed iCase. Made from pure tree originated paper. Never seen before styling, crafting, and manufacturing, this iPhone case will bring happiness to that ultra special iphone owner in your life, that has just about everything.

The iCase will cradle your iPhone, and nurse it, all, day, long. The iCase is scratch resistant, scratch proof, and may remove existing scratches from your iPhone, your Boat, your car, your skin. The iCase fits in your pocket, your luggage, your breadbox, your car, your boat, your bag, your office. iCase has won one innovation award for innovation. Your iPhone is apple guarunteed to break without the iCase.

Do you have a iphone owner mother, who has just about everything? This makes the perfect mothersday gift! Do you have an iphone owner friend, who has just about everything? This makes the perfect gift for ANY holiday!

ALSO included WITH the iCase… The iClip! AND! The iFlap! All at NO EXTRA CHARGE

You’ll be saying WOW everytime you use this iCase!