Pringles Extreme Smokin’ Hot Ranch

Taste: This new variety of Pringles was marketed as part of the Extreme line, but there wasn’t much about the crisps that was particularly extreme. They looked pretty much like your typical Pringles, with just a little bit of seasoning visible near the edges of most of the crisps. They didn’t really taste all that much like ranch much, and though there was a bit of hot pepper somewhere in the seasoning, it fell far short of being a “smokin’ hot” level of heat. Not a gross flavor or anything, but just not a ranch one, nor a smokin’ hot one, nor an “extreme” one.

Pringles Extreme Smokin’ Hot Ranch.

Exploding Japanese Bras! [boobs]

Our corresepondent in Tokyo has sent us a clip of the local television programming – where amazingly, girls are threatening to blow themselves to bits if they don’t get an engagement ring. There’s a countdown and all. See what happens!

What would Barbie look like, in real life?

SUPPY everyone, its ATC-RT-VBull-SCST man here, firing off the first post from this new PAO office location. To get everyone into the new swing of things – lets bring up a common, controversial topic. What would Barbie really look like? PAO scientists have put this chart together to help you understand.

real life barbie