[We’re all doomed] Fatty foods may cause cocaine-like addiction and kill.

Well, its official. We’re all gonna die. If you think eating is better than doing drugs to cure your woes, you are wrong. Food is drugs, officially – according to health.com . And not entry level, easy going drugs – food is like COKE and HEROIN, smoked and injected into your eyeballs. Its that bad. Don’t eat. Seriously. Stop… its for your own good. And don’t do drugs.

Oh, yeah, read the full story: Continue reading “[We’re all doomed] Fatty foods may cause cocaine-like addiction and kill.”

PAO asks.. have you ever wanted to???

Well team, the answer is a resounding, unanimous YES.

PAO scientoligists have studied the methods in this video, and find them to be stress relieving, awesome, and “good ol fun”. Dr. Twitfisher says “punching people before they eat is a new trend in America, however, in other countries like Maine, it is quite common”.


Yeah, that’s right. The end of the world in this year. EVer. Its all going down, like that big ball, in just over a DAY. 

PAO has taken precautions, have you? We’re running out to the grocery store – every staff member – to stock our bomb shelter with all the 2008 milk, bread, and ice cream that we can get our grubby little hands on. Seriously folks, you cannot trust that shit from 2009 – there’s NO WAY of knowing what future food will be like.   Continue reading “HOLY CRAP, the END is NEAR”

Snack time! PAO style

For the Holidays, PAO is releasing some of our old tyme favorites. Back when PAO was founded, one of our core businesses was cookbookeries.. to the lameman, that’s a company that produces cookbooks. Installment #15 is Sausage Cake!