[Fight] Praying Mantis Versus Hummingbirdzilla

The Praying Mantis, super deadly. Can it kill hummingbirdzilla? Or will hummingbirdzilla kill the praying mantis?

Nature Enthusiasts said:
– preying Mantis are awsome i have fed black widows and scorpians to them and the mantis just kills them really fast its pretty cool.

– poor fish at the end didnt even have a chance… :'(

– dude seriously, if I wanted to learn about nature I’d just open my parents bedroom door.

[Animal Fight] Cat vs BEAR. Most extraordinary fight video of the year!

“Cats, always making it harder than it has to be”

“Boy, that is one evil family. Laughing as the family cat is about to get chomped on by a bear. Even the baby got in on the hilarity.”

“I was expecting the maniacal laughter to turn into screams as the bear made short work of that cat. If I had a family pet that was trying to battle a fucking bear, I doubt I’d be laughing about it.”

“question! which bear is best?”

“you call that a fight?”