PAO Asks: Would you?

Loaded with around 4,800 calories, twice the daily recommended limit for men, the Fifth Third Burger has five beef patties, five slices of cheese, sour cream, a cup of chilli salsa and corn chips. The burger, named after the West Michigan Whitecaps’s ball park and the meal’s five beef patties, which each weigh one third of a pound (136 grams), also contains a whopping 300 grams of fat, 744 milligrams of cholesterol and more than 10,000 milligrams of salt.

ODD Bodacious Ballpark Burger


Snack time! PAO style

For the Holidays, PAO is releasing some of our old tyme favorites. Back when PAO was founded, one of our core businesses was cookbookeries.. to the lameman, that’s a company that produces cookbooks. Installment #15 is Sausage Cake!