[fan mail] The internet – its serious business. That’s far and away, THE top reason PAO is on it. #internet

Pineappleope.com is world renowned as one of the top information spots for all the important subjects that you and the twitterafica hold close to heart. We recently received a mail-in question that read:

Dear PAO Staffers,

I am a long time read and wanted to know why you built this website, as opposed to a magazine, or weekly special in the newspaper? I also wanted to know where you got your slogan? Thank you!

Well, reader, the answer is simple – but how we got to the answer – not so simple. Fortunately for you its Memorial Day Weekend and we aren’t going to get into it. The true answer – “the internet is serious business”. Print publications are on the way out – failing and flopping left and right. Not serious, if you will.

the internet is serious business