[Facebook] Hooking up with Chicks on Facebook

chatting online with babesContinuing our facebook romancing coverage. This email was sent to our overseas correspondent, Rambo, from a facebook chick he’s been talking to for a mere 7 days. Keep in mind, they’ve been chatting online for 7days… never met in person. Email for Facebook tips: tips@pineappleope.com

good morning handsome.

I hope your sleep was restful. Its a new day!

You know that I deactivated my Facebook only after a few months because i just couldn’t take it.. it wasn’t really my cup of tea, anyone whos close to me knows that i was completely ANTI-facebook… hated it, and thought is was stupid and pointless. my take was, If i really cared about some of these people i would have found them… or they would already be in my life.

well, turns out, reactivating turned out to be a VERY good decision. it lead me to you…

NOW .. i would like to kiss (on the mouth) every single person/creator responsible for this freakin site!

Still something tells me though, just from our conversations that ultimately we would have probably at some point HAVE to knock into each other.. from johnson, to pell mell, st. mary’s..ihs, and then now… living almost parallel to each other in a way Continue reading “[Facebook] Hooking up with Chicks on Facebook”

Facebook Is The Solution To All Your Problems

carton of chinese cigarettesPineappleope.com Reporters got word from our overseas reporter that intense shit is going down on Facebook. Most names have been changed to hide identities.

I noticed from Facebook that you are in a relationship with someone
called Caitlin and that you are missing and loving and calling each
other. Wow. I thought you wanted to be with me. I thought I was your
Princess. Now I understand why you were not in touch with me while you
were in USA. But I don’t understand why you did not tell me the truth.
I thought you said that you did not want to hurt me. I thought it was
us who were dating, that you wanted us to be steady. I don’t
understand why you had sex with me while you are having a relationship
with someone else. And you even made me buy you a dinner and cigarets
before having sex with me. Wow. I would have not believed all this
from you. I was really looking forward to come back and to be with
you. How foolish from me. I suppose it is unnecessary to even try to
describe how sad I feel and how painful it is to realize all this.

Behind the scenes: All caitlin comments are deleted from wall

Find out what happens next – Continue reading “Facebook Is The Solution To All Your Problems”

25 Thoughts for Thursday – PAO special feature MEME

  1. I can count to 25your-sign
  2. This ain’t facebook, so there are NO RULES to this meme. However, PAO owns all the content.
  3. PAO journalists love cashew nuts. Hint hint, lobbyists.
  4. PAO officers wear HATS on the job. Underlings do not – however, they do get free cookies once a year.
  5. The beverage of choice on Fridays at PAO? Ram’s Piss. 
  6. If there were one site that we here think could beat PAO’s rankings, its likely cats.com.
  7. We have a Facebook group AND page – can you handle that?
  8. We are an equal opportunity employer. Mail Order Brides are accepted.
  9. Dedicated meeting place? Yeah, we got that.
  10. Littering and… littering and… 
  11. We hate flies.
  12. Have you tried the Search feature on PAO? Its really fantastic.
  13. Rice Krispies Treats. Did you know the whole title is plural, yet there’s only one treat in the wrapper?
  14. Excessive talking is rewarded here. Talk alot and everyone puts on headphones so you have privacy. Asshole.
  15. A breadbox is approximately 14. This post is bigger than that. 
  16. PAO is a steadfast corporation which has survived many big events.
  17. The average age of our readers.
  18. The required age to read this weBlog.
  19. How many times a day we here “how’s it going” around the office. Never fails.
  20. year. old. brazilian.
  21. Legal age to blog on this blog.
  22. too many things on this post – time to move to PAGE
  23. Days left till the DTV  transition. ARE YOU READY?
  24. Sometimes called, “the fourth day of Christmas”. We love this number! For the last, final, best item in this post.. read on!! Continue reading “25 Thoughts for Thursday – PAO special feature MEME”