[Review] Oakley Eyepatch Sunglasses – Polarized

“If form and function hijacked a ship it would be called the HMS Oakley Eyepatch.”

oakley eye patch

They Say:

Yaar matey. Whether ye have one eye or ye have em both, shield yer eyes from harsh glare reflected off flat surfaces like snow, pavement, and water with the Oakley Eyepatch Polarized Sunglasses. To give you the highest quality optics available, Oakley milled the Eyepatch’s lenses from a single piece of impact-resistant Plutonite polycarbonate. The result is a sunglass that’s as functional on the lake or on the road as it is fashionable. Oakley’s new Square O logos prove this Eyepatch is a genuine Oakley article

PAO Says:

After receiving a pair of these Oakley Sunglasses, PAO was bummed out to find they come with two lenses – they look like normal glasses. These DO NOT LOOK LIKE AN EYEPATCH.

This is looking like a misguided attempt by Oakley to cash in on Pirate Fever.

FINAL RATING: * 1 star out of a possible 10