[Anxiety] How to Overcome Thong Bikini Anxiety, the Easy Way

rear sexy thong bikiniRid yourself of all the anxieties of wearing a thong bikini, move into the attitudes of calm and peace, the easy way. This is the only ‘easy way’ treatment which does not involve Opiates.

These are THE 3 STEPS

1. Think positively and be persistent:
“I will find a way to enter a girl’s only hostel ‘if i want to’”. We should always keep the mode of positivism alive in us and trust our instincts for improvement. We grow up fixing our problems whether they are algorithms, science, accounts or competing with friends at high school. You can wear that thong, and you should.

2. Do some light exercises and activity:
Deep breathing exercises like breathing in from one nostril and exhaling from the other would definitely relax you. Light sport like cooking or combing would indeed be refreshing and rejuvenating. You’ll be ready to take on the beach.

3. Heavy Sedation
Check several chill pills available at medical stores which may help you to relax temporarily. Ex: ‘bach rescue remedy’ or ‘quiet time.’

“Go get ’em”– PAO Public Relations