[bionic fireman] And now a word from our sponsors

Times are tough – so as part of the multifaceted PAO Economic Stimulus Plan*, PAO is offering some of our favorite sponors FREE sponsorship. “But wait,” you ask.. “aren’t sponsors supposed to pay YOU”? Well we actually worked on this plan with a grant from Dr Bottomtooth – whose deep expercision into the realms of psychology and advertising has given PAO an upper edge on all competitors. As a result, we don’t need money from our sponsors. As Bottomtooth puts it, “these ads are just plain good for you.”


PAO knows you are self conscious about the size of your bank account. We are, too – hell, who the fck isn’t? That’s why we sunk hundreds of dollars into R&D on this economy-proof penny pinching market we’ve invented. Fck Fast Food. This is SUPERfastfood. Oh yes – starting today, at vending machines around the world – you can get PAO branded FRENCH FRIES and PIZZA!!! No more lines at fast food – no more Super Size scams – this is cut and dry – get your grease fix for a prix fix.

french fries vending machine

pizza vending machine
PAO CFO "johnny b" at PAO HQ, testing out some PIE.