Review Time: Cheating with Chocolate (snacks)

cheating with chocolateWhen you think of ‘cheating with chocolate’ usually, 9 times out of 10, only one thing comes to mind. has had a chance to review an up and coming diet people snack food, “Sensible Portion’s Cheating with Chocolate, S’mores with milk chocolaty drizzle.” At only 100 calories, this snack food has little chance to fill you up. Despite the low cal-count(R), this food still packs a weighty net weight of .84oz.

What Sensible Portions has done here is disguised a regular nickle sized rice cake, with low quality chocolate ‘drizzle’. If you are not a fan of rice cake, there is no chance you will enjoy these ‘Drizzled mini crisps.’ I found myself neither enjoying or un-enjoying myself during my experience with this snack food. The fake marshmallow flavoring in the s’mores variety was pretty awful and definitely justified the “artificially flavored” label on the packaging. My mouth tastes like a combination of stale wheat and plastic and black coffee.

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PAO asks.. have you ever wanted to???

Well team, the answer is a resounding, unanimous YES.

PAO scientoligists have studied the methods in this video, and find them to be stress relieving, awesome, and “good ol fun”. Dr. Twitfisher says “punching people before they eat is a new trend in America, however, in other countries like Maine, it is quite common”.

FOOD REVIEW: Angry Whopper

dr angry
Today, Thursday, I had the opportunity to eat Angry Whopper. Angry Whopper was eaten for lunch. Did it satisfy? Did it taste delicious? Did Angry Whopper end my hunger? You will find out in the following review. REVIEW TIME.

Well what the fuck is Angry Whopper you ask? It’s a Whopper. It’s a whopper with spicy crispy onions, and it’s a whopper with spicy crispy onions, and its got jalapeños, and then its got pepper jack cheese, and Then its got bacon, on top of that come the tomatoes, and then the lettuce, and then here we have some mayonnaise, and finally topped off with some spicy Angry Sauce.

This burga was not spicy enough. The tomatoes were green. The onion rings were very soggy. The Angry Sauce wasn’t outstanding. The spicy jack cheese was not spicy. I got a coke with it. That was ok. The fries were decent, came in a trendy frypod (no relation to the iCase).

Angry Whopper did not deliver. The regular whopper, burger kings signature dish, is slightly less spicy than Angry Whopper, and proves to be a better choice and you will save yourself a dolla.

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