[How To] Thirteen Easy Ways to Have a Threesome

Banging two bitches at the same time is easier done than said when you study and follow these easy three-way tips.

1. Have Massive Parties
We’re talking – an overcrowded lawn of at least fifty people, music blared so loudly across the block that only gesticulating and smiling is necessary, beautiful bodied women indulging in booze and a mutual attitude of recklessness. Everyone should be sufficiently lubricated (liquor-wise…) as you position yourself near the young, single bunch ‘o bitches. Start talking up two bitches, alternating equal attention to both. Keep it up, making sure they are connected not only to you, but to each other – try to get them flirting with each other, bitches at parties often do. The more relaxed they become with three-sided banter, they closer they come to the three-sided bedroom.

2. Jacuzzis
Jacuzzis activate sensuality in all bitches. The next time you find yourself beside the bubbly jet with a couple of bitches at a dispersed party, seize your chance. Sit yourself between the two of them, drawing them in with conversation with subtly insinuating talk. Make it clear through flirtation that you’re attracted to both and not one in particular, otherwise the other prospect will forfeit. Splash around, throw jokes and make the jacuzzi your personal bathtub and by the time you’re brave enough to instigate, they’ll practically be expecting it.

3. Friends On Vacation
Though two straight best friends definitely provide a scenario different from two seasoned lesbians, girls on vacation can unleash the craziest desire for sexual deviance. Might we say, moreso than two seasoned lesbians. When meeting two chinese, brazilian, botswanan, mexi or malato or whatever friends perusing the liquor selection at your local bar, offer to show them a good night on the town. Sheapard them around to your favorite places, treat them like your gorgeous, little bitches and end the night with the blitzed three of you bouncing around your pad.

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[Breakthrough] First U.S. Double Hand Transplant Recipient Wiggles Fingers

unbuttoning pants

Jeff Kepner wiggled the fingers of the new hands he received on May 4. Just the tiniest of movements — and Kepner is up to a year away from being able to feel anything in those fingers. But it was proof that the transplant is taking and that, in time, Kepner will have full use of his new hands.

53jan23-alba-hands-on[1]Jeff wants to be able to hold his wife’s hand, masturbate, give hand sandwiches, eat pizza, and other normal hand activities the rest of the non-handless world enjoy everyday.

His 13-year-old daughter, Jordan, the last of three children still at the Kepners’ Augusta, Ga., home, can’t wait. You might say she’s even hungering for it.

Jeff is not looking forward to taking showers by himself, sans wife in the shower. “I’m just not sure I want to be in the shower alone, my wife does a great job shampooing my hair”

Kepner lost his hands in 1999 after contracting a virulent strep infection that quickly spread through his entire body. Sepsis set in both his lower legs and hands, and doctors ultimately had to amputate both legs below the knee and both arms below the elbow.




Jesica Alba Might need Hand Transplant Surgery —->