[Business] Original Starbucks Logo Featured Topless Double Finned Mermaid Based on Porn Star

PAO knows you are here because you’re confused about what is depicted on the Original Starbucks logo. Is it a mermaid? What are those things that she is holding up with her hands? What’s the history of it?

original starbucks logo

Its actually a sketch of a double finned mermaid. Originally designed after well-known film star Traci Lords of such hits as Future Voyeur and Beverly Hills Copulator. Initially, the SB logo was the topless woman sitting ‘indian style’ but later changed to a double finned mermaid to add a bit of fun flavor.

All of this became history when Starbucks Updated it’s logo to the current version, ditching the supple breasts and perk nipples of the original. Also removed are the double fins (perhaps due to increased popularity of single finned mermaids).

The Current  Starbucks Logo
The Current Starbucks Logo