The big finale! PAO member moving on to new PAO office.

The time has come folks – this PAO staffer is moving on to a new, different role at a different PAO office. What does it mean to you? Nothing, really. PAO is a global, liquid equity operation, and our top priority is keeping you, the reader, informed and up to date on things in this world.

So what if a PAO writer becomes an editor or a PAO president starts wearing a hat. “No matter how you slice it, its still a big fat PAO”, as the Reverend John Mithsuza says. So don’t sweat it, yo – I may be in a different location – but so long as the higher ups want me to share this fcking awesome content – I’m here. WAAHHHT!

My grand finale party last night.. we CHOWED down on some new Doritos flavors:

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