National Donut Day 2011

In observance of National Donut Day, the following vendors are offering FREE donuts:

  • Krispy Kreme offers a free donut with no purchase necessary at participating US/CAN retail locations
  • Dunkin Donuts offers a free donut with beverage purchase at participating locations
  • Tim Hortons offers a free donut with beverage purchase (printable coupon)


hot-donut-girlsIn honor of “National Kreme Filled Doughnut Day” Krispy Kreme giving out free kreme filled pastries.  That translates to FREE DONUTS. How to get them? Well..

All you have to do is walk up to a WalMart employee and tell them, ‘Happy National Kreme Filled Doughnut Day, Fuck Face!’ on Monday Sept. 14.  That’s today. Unfortunately this is a “late breaking” story – so HURRY.

Man o man, Krispy Kreme offers several types of kreme filled doughnuts such as chocolate iced custard, and the coveted football doughnuts will also be up for grabs.

The down side, there’s a limit of one per customer – even if you are FAT. The upside is that if you are a young, attractive chick you get free munchkins.

PAO Asks: ATC is into Twitter?

master_of_meetings_logoWhy ATC is into Twitter – CEO M. Chill, Master of Meetings speaks

I had the pleasure of interviewing via email M. Chill, Master of Meetings, the CEO of online fishing blog retailer, for an article I wrote for the August issue of Multichannel Merchant. ATC is a real innovator among online premium senior software architects in a lot of areas, not the least of which is social media. They have taken Twitter by storm, with 440 twittering employees – including their CEO (M. Chill) and their COO (Alfred). They even launched a fishing site dedicated to their Twitter presence.

PAO Asks: Can you share a bit of background about you and ATC, and how the Yamma culture plays into your inclination to jump headfirst into new online marketing channels? What were your objectives in entering the Twitterverse? from a social media standpoint is pretty impressive and in the corporate world a rather unheard of large-scale embracing of Twitter. What is the big picture idea behind this / how did this come about?

M. Chill: Background on the Yamma is here. My bio is here. You can get a glimpse inside our Yamma culture here. (points to big fat gut)…

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