Thursday Morning Crime Report: Boston


An irate bar patron was arrested outside Faneuil Hall after he allegedly threatened to blow up a restaurant that refused him service, police report.

The restaurant manager told police the patron was informed that he was not welcome in the acclaimed Houston’s on Wednesday. He responded by telling the bartender “I just dropped three grenades near the bar” before leaving the restaurant, according to the police report.

The manager told police she denied the suspect service because three weeks prior, he had threatened to blow up the building, police said.


Honesty is not always the best policy

Cops said they arrested a man in Allston Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly told them he “was just about to toke” when the cops asked him what he was doing hanging out in an alley on Gardner Street.

Police, who were on patrol at the time, said they recovered two cigarettes thought to contain marijuana and also a small plastic bag containing the drug as well.
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