[Basic Dancing] Become a Better Dancer than your Friends

3 Keywords of Dancing: Flowing, Smooth and Sensual

Students said:

– lol thought this bro supposed to be the best of best. Why fuck do he have a girl that look like wtf. I mean I cant see the chick face but I don’t have to her body said it all. Man where your hot models you claim you massed?

– Hey, if you can get a hotter chick to do a youtube video with you and post it online, then by all means, go ahead… but until then; please shut the fuck up.

– the guy that claims that he slept with over a hundred women. I’m just saying what is this talk about he massed a lot of HB but doesn’t look like it wheres the proof?.

– Dont be dissin this mans woman fool.

– man i like your shit.  I tried it up at the club and it worked. Me = Typical white boy who has trouble moving the hips, but not now.

– You know he’s gettin’ some tonight lol

– hes as big as an oger but moves like a swan he is so graceful!!

A Few Words from Jose Vol. 3

geek man
Back by popular demand, Jose has a couple words for you:


“You’re always like ‘why do you have to see your friends so often, are they more important than me?’

You spend so much time on your computer, but you shouldn’t, cause your eyes are getting red. Or maybe it’s the… whatever.

Are you really going to eat that pizza? It looks so greasy!

You party too much.

What about that movie Showgirls

I can’t believe you’re watching it again, you’ve already seen it like 15 times.

Please come for dinner with me and my friends, it will be great cause we’re so funny”

– Jose, Feb.2 2009

Click below for accompanying video (probably the best thing youll see)
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